Making Edibles At Home

Have you ever thought of making your own edibles? It’s not that difficult and doing so allows you to control the ingredients or strains used in what you are consuming. A little effort and patience and you get a tasty reward. To make your own edibles you need to extract or infuse THC or CBD into oil or butter. You can use any dried bud strain of your choice choosing a good Indica, Hybrid or Sativa can make the difference to what effect you are trying to achieve. You can also use concentrates like RSO oil or Isolate like our CBD Isolate. Using a concentrate requires less filtration and makes things a little easier.

One of the key tricks to making great edibles at home is temperature control. Using a candy thermometer can be very useful to ensure that your extraction or infusion process goes properly. Other tools that you will need are a double boiler and straining devices a fine-mesh sieve and some cheesecloth and or nylon bags are best to use if you are using dried flower. As well as your base of choice, whether that be that any Oil or Butter. You may also want to choose a recipe. Do not choose a recipe that needs to bake over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The best recipes to use will have a baking temp of 300-325 degrees Fahrenheit or do not need baking at all.

THC activates from the plant at 50 degrees Celcius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit and starts to break down at 200 degrees Celcius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit so to ensure you have activated and not cooked off all the THC you want to keep your oil or butter between those temperatures.

To make what is commonly referred to as bud butter you extract the THC and other plant matter into the butter.
First, you take some bud and break it apart or sift through the bag bottoms or shake or whatever you’ve decided to use and prepare it breaking it up into small bits. If you are using bud which will yield you the strongest butter, when you break it apart we recommend using your hands and pulling it apart as opposed to using scissors or a grinder. Because the more cut up the flower is the more green your butter is going to end up. The cutting or grinding process releases excess chlorophyll which is what makes the plant green.
Next set up your double boiler and put in the amount of butter or oil you have decided to use. Start the heating process and once the butter is melted or the oil is warm add in your prepared herb and stir. Let the water under it come to a boil and then turn down the heat as needed using your candy thermometer on the side as a temperature guide. You want to steep the bud in the oil between the desired temperature for a while at least half an hour to extract as much from the plant as possible while activating the THC at the same time. the longer you steep the more green it will end up because you will also be pulling more plant matter as well as the THC out. You can stir this occasionally. Once all the bud has steeped in the oil for a while then you need to strain it. Straining out all the plant matter and getting all the butter or oil out and able to be used. how many times you do this process is up to you, at least once is recommended we tend to start with a big strainer and then graduate to a couple of finer ones getting as much sediment and plant mater out as possible. Let this cool or not but it is ready to use.

If you are infusing concentrates or CBD isolate into butter or oil the process is even easier. Using your double boiler simply heat the butter to melting or heat your oil base and then add your concentrate or isolate. Stir until fully incorporated then remove from the heat. Some concentrates like, shatter, honey oil or distillate should be melted before adding them to your butter or oil to make them incorporate easier. Because these products have already been activated you do not need to heat them for as long. You only need to heat them long enough for the THC or CBD to bind to the fat molecules of the butter or oil. Infusing it and making it ready to be used for baking, cooking, and eating.

You now have an infused product that you can add to so many things. Take a look at all your recipes in new ways now. Simply swap out the oil or butter required in any recipe for the infused oil or butter and enjoy eating so many different edibles.
Bon appetite