Let's Talk Topicals

Let’s Talk Topicals!

I hope this can help you in making the most of the different topicals available here at Clean Green VIP.
Topicals can be a bit confusing sometimes because of all the little extra add-ins. When you start looking at topicals you realize that it’s a lot more than just some cream with marijuana in it you rub on your skin. Topicals are way more like herbal medicine than just smoking your herb is. Most of the add-ins on some topicals help to target specific needs and are tried-tested and true natural remedies that have been boosted by adding THC or CBD.
What you really need to know is whether you want a CBD topical a THC topical or a full spectrum topical that contains both THC and CBD. And the answer to that can boil down to preference and purpose.
CBD is great for anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration, and pain relief purposes. THC is good for numbing, pain relief, and muscle relaxing purposes. Most needs for a topical can fit into either category or both.

The types of CBD infused topicals we have available and their most common uses are:
-Arnica infused pain salve is great for treating bruises, damaged/strained muscles, joint pain, and inflammation
-Immunity boosting body budder, moisturization with immunity-boosting effects that’s great for stretch marks too.
-After-sun care is skin regeneration boosting with a typical Aloe cooling effect. Therefore a great benefit to these hot and sunny summer days we are having.
-Lip balm for extremely chapped lips, nipples, elbows, and general chapstick type use.
-Insect repellent and aftercare all in one. Here the CBD is used to enhance the aftercare aspect of this because of the cell regeneration benefits. And may possibly also give some itch or irritation relief.
-Energy Rollerball is a little pick me up with workout rejuvenation boosting effects.
-Soothing Salve is designed to help skin irritation as well as muscle pains and strains
-Transdermal patches are designed to give time-released pain management and help with inflammation dosing to a targeted area of the body.
-Tattoo salve to help speed up the healing process and nourish your colour. Using this as a cream is designed to help keep it vibrant after healing is finished.

The types of THC infused topicals we have available and their most common uses are:
-Lip balm can have a tingling, possibly numbing effect as well as helping with chapped lips, nipples, and elbows.
-Stress relief rollerball, is a fairly self-explanatory name. But it is a small dose in strategic locations to help you relax during your day.
-Thrice whipped body budder is moisturizing, muscle relaxing, pain relief that is also good for stretch marks.
-Arnica infused pain salve for treating bruises and muscle pains and strains or joint inflammation.
-Massage oil muscle relaxation boosting effects are also designed to enhance circulation and can have a tingling and possibly numbing effect
-Lubrication is designed to enhance circulation with a tingling and possibly numbing effect causing more pleasure and prolonging climax.

At this time we only carry one full-spectrum topical and that is a Lip balm that gives tingling pain relief as well as being great for extremely chapped lips, nipples, and elbows.

Many of these can be used in conjunction with each other to create the desired effect. As mentioned earlier it all boils down to your purpose and preference. Experiment a bit and you should find what works for your needs. Hopefully, this helps narrow down your search or give you some good ideas.