How do you classify premium weed?

Yo Clean Green Gang!! It’s your favourite cannabis columnist, Dankosauraus Rex. I’m coming at you with some straight facts and packs about our favourite flower! Check out more of our blog posts for some informative and interactive cannabis knowledge. Follow Clean Green VIP for all the best deals and discounts on AAAA weed in Canada. Buy potent weed online. Now, let’s get right down to it and roll one up while we chat about premium weed and everything that goes along with it!

Premium cannabis is truly a special product. Please look no further than our Premium section to find all the strains your heart desires. Clean Green VIP has an awesome selection of high-quality weed products that are perfect for every stoner. Who doesn’t love burning some exceptional chronic and puffing huge clouds? We have a huge variety of potent cannabis products ready for sale. We only handpick the cream of the crop for this category. There is a whole swack of killer strains that will really blow you away. Take Galactic Runtz for instance, this is hand down one of the most exotic strains on the market right now. We pride ourselves on hunting down the best strains for our valued customers.  Galactic Runtz is straight up out of this world! The sour and sweet notes are complemented by a gassy undertone that is really something special. This is a potent strain that is the epitome of our Premium cannabis category.

Now let’s talk about one of our number one fan favourites, Romulan! Romulan is one of the original exotic strains that was born and bred in beautiful British Columbia. This weed is straight gas and should only be sampled by a true cannabis connoisseur! Romulan is an excellent indica strain that really packs a punch and has a scent that is truly unique to only this bud. It is extremely fruity while giving with a very pungent undertone. If you like buying premium weed online in Canada, you should really get your hands on some Romulan from Clean Green VIP and see what all the buzz is about. Some people describe Romulan as the bread and butter of the exotic cannabis cultivars.

Let’s take a deeper look at weed and how to classify potent, exotic cannabis flowers. High-quality cannabis, sometimes graded as AAAA or AAAA+ weed, is based on a few different pieces of criteria, namely its THC content. We are also concerned with the growing methods and what type of fertilizer is used. When you are selecting strains and looking for the perfect AAAA weed, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of THC-laden trichomes are on the bud. You can find some really potent AAAA weed in British Columbia, especially on Vancouver Island! It is all about how much THC is present in your sticky buds. When you are looking to buy a quality weed strain online, you want to get something that will blow you away as soon as you crack open the bag. That’s why it’s important to look for classifications like AAAA or AAAA+ when looking for your favourite cannabis strain. There are all kinds of incredible weed strains out there but only the best and brightest growers are based in BC. Make sure to look for the BC Bud seal of approval when buying weed online in Canada. 

The main thing you should be concerned about when looking for high-quality cannabis is the THC content and visual aesthetic. You can tell a lot by the appearance of a bud and whether or not it’s caked with trichomes. Visit the Premium cannabis section on Clean Green VIP and you will find a whole variety of exceptional cannabis cultivars to choose from. I am certain you will be able to find something to your liking. We only supply high-quality weed strains for our loyal customers. It’s important to trust the brand you are buying from so why not visit the most secure and reliable dispensary in all of Canada, Clean Green VIP.