Where can i find cheap weed?

For many people cheap weed means bad quality product. In todays marketplace it is not necessarily true. Many producers have found themselves with extra product on hand. Hardly any of that product is bad or unsmokable.
With Instagram photos and viral posts that often dictate sale volumes of specific strains or bud that looks a certain way, we all have seen purple nugs dusted with crystal or heard another strain name in the new hit song. Some wonderful product that missing that same photogenic appeal or a recognizable name have been left untouched and are sold at heavy discounts. Another new normal is that most producers have taken up practice of sorting their products by size before bringing their weed to the market. Many have been using their small nugs that can hold less bag appeal to produce concentrates and other THC infused products. Some however brought their small size nugs to the market again at discounted prices. Lots of CBD heavy strains and some sativa strains have also fallen out of favor with an online consumer. Their nugs often turn out curly and miss-shaped with hidden trichomes or lower THC count which can make them appear less desirable. Those strains often have wider range of cannabinoids and unique combinations of terpenes which can make smoking experience even better then their dense nug, crystaly exterior expensive counterparts.
Growing process can also play a big part on the price of your herb. Outdoor and greenhouse weed can be grown for a significantly smaller overhead costs, as one of biggest expenses is electricity to run powerful lights. Therefore most producers can
pass those savings onto their consumers.
When searching for a discounted products it is important to choose a reputable source. That will ensure the product you are getting has been grown properly without the use of any toxic or banned fertilizers or sprays. Some of the stores will put their past prime strains on sale beware of that practice as you will be getting a dry product derived of its terpenes which will greatly diminish the smell and flavor of that product. Watch for discounts and special offers as you can get many craft strains for a fraction of the price if they are undersized or discounted.
Here at CleanGreen we thrive to stock something for every budget. From high end fire strains with high THC and smell you wont soon forget to cheaper weed that tastes fantastic and still gets the job done. Keep an eye on our regular sales and our smalls that we regularly offering at a high discount.
We have created a category called “budget buds” so anyone on a budget can quickly find some cheaper weed and have a choice between several well known and those new to the market strains. The one thing you should know is that we vet and stand behind all of our products. We never except sub standard quality in our inventory so you can feel good about getting discounts for our budget buds. Check out our budget buds category often as we try to update it as we get new products in.

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