Do you like free stuff? We do! That’s why we have started the Cannacoin system. Just another way of saying thanks to all of our loyal customers.

How do Cannacoins work?

Cannacoins are based on 2.5% of the price of each item purchased. Coins are earned only after an order has been completed. Coins are not credited to accounts for orders that have processing status.
If you are getting an error when trying to redeem your Cannacoins please refer to the error message.
As a bonus, your very first purchase receives 500 extra Cannacoins.
Your first Cannacoin redemption must be a minimum of 3,000 Coins. After the first redemption, the minimum number of Coins required drops to 1,000.
Cannacoins are not earned on purchases that redeem Cannacoins

Want to earn extra Cannacoins?

Reddit users can earn 500 bonus coins for a Reddit review with a photo. You must email us a link to it.

How does the refer a friend program work?

Like what you got? Tell your friends and you can each earn bonus stuff! You can find a referral link in your user dashboard after you log into your clean green account. You can generate a link to send to a friend, or generate a message to send to them with the referral link in it.
You earn 2,500 Cannacoins for a referral and your friend earns 2,000.