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Welcome to the Clean Green Concentrates! Choose a high-quality extract from one of our many different suppliers. There are many different types of concentrates on the market. Concentrates are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis  We stock a variety of different concentrates here at Clean Green VIP. Check out our huge selection of hash, shatter, diamonds, oil, and more!!  Browse this section to find the best concentrate for you.

Cannabis concentrates are the next big things in the marijuana industry! There are many different types of concentrates out there but the most popular forms are shatter, wax and oil. These delicious extracts are becoming rapidly more popular day-by-day and there are excellent reasons for it!
The idea behind concentrates is to extract the THC from the plant with the highest possible purity, it’s that simple. When you take out the plant matter, you are also reducing the majority of the tar emissions. Concentrates are the healthier alternative to smoking flower and that’s one of the reasons they are so popular. It is also a very clean high; users claim that they experience less anxiety and paranoia when using concentrates. Another benefit to using extracts is the terpene profile you are able to achieve, more terpenes result in a stronger flavour. Live resin, which is another popular form of concentrate, extracts the THC from the fresh plant promptly after it’s been harvested which results in a full terpene profile.

What kinds of concentrate do you stock?

 We have a large variety of extracts here at Clean Green. Check out our Ethos products for different oils and shatters. Constellation COncentrates stocks some of the best vape cartridges on the market. Hive Extracts has a variety of live resin and shatter. We also carry a wide range of Diamonds and HTFSE.

What is the most popular extract on the market?

SHatter seems to be the most popular form of concentrate right now. Hashish has a long history and can be considered the first cannabis concentrate. We at Clean Green absolutely love Diamonds and Live Resin which is gradually becoming more popular as concentrate become more common. Keep an eye out for new extracts as we are updating our menu regularly!

How do I use concentrates?

The best way to use shatter, oil, or diamonds is with a dab rig. You can also put any form of extract into a joint or on your bong bowl. There are always refillable vape pens that you can use just about any type of concentrate with. The possibilities are endless when you’re working with such a versatile substance!