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Welcome to our selection of Diamonds, Terp Sauce, and HTFSE! Clean Green VIP prides itself on supplying only the highest quality extracts, including diamonds and HTFSE. We have a wide variety of diamonds for sale from many reputable producers. HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts. This means that these are highly refined concentrates with an incredible flavour profile. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that are found in organic materials, such as cannabis. Diamonds are the crystalline form of THCA and terp sauce is where you will find your other cannabinoids and terpenes. DIamonds are best consumed in a dab rig at a low temperature. Choose one of our premium extracts and you will not be disappointed!

What is the best way to smoke diamonds?

We recommend that you use a dab rig with a quartz banger. Quartz glass provides a much more flavourful toke than titanium. We recommend dabbing these extracts at a lower temperature so you can truly experience the incredible terpene profile. High-temperature dabbing will burn off all the terpenes and burn your throat, leaving you with a very disappointing toke. Clean Green VIP

How strong are diamonds?

Diamonds are usually up in the 90-95% THC range. Terp sauce still has some THC present but not nearly as much as the crystalline diamonds. These diamonds are pure, unadulterated THCA. THCA converts to the psychoactive compound THC when it is heated. This process is known as decarboxylation. You will not feel the intoxicating effects if you ingest diamonds without converting the THCA to THC.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of cannabis generally last anywhere from 4-6 hours with some people reporting up to 8 hours. Diamonds and HTFSE have a very high THC content so they are not great for beginners. These concentrates are more geared towards our avid cannabis connoisseurs. These products really pack a punch so make sure you start low and go slow. Happy dabbing!