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Infused Cannabis products are any type of product that is not a flower, concentrate or edible. We have several different products that fit into that category; the most popular being THC/CBD pills, cannabis tinctures and balms. These products are generally used as a medical treatment for different ailments such as arthritis, inflammation and chronic pain. They can also be used recreationally like all forms of marijuana though!
THC pills, CBD pills or cannacaps are very self-explanatory products. THC or CBD is decarboxylated (which essentially means to activate the psychoactive elements of THC and medical effects of CBD through exposure to heat or combustion) then formed into to pills and used as an oral supplement. These pills are an excellent, subtle treatment for stress or physical pain.
Cannabis tinctures are made using a high percentage alcohol that extracts the THC, CBD and terpenes. CBD tinctures are one of the most accurate forms of dosage which makes it more of a medical product. Tinctures are very fast acting supplements, whereas some types of edibles and concentrates take longer to activate.