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Cannabis topicals are considered to be either a medicinal product or a beauty product. They are typically a cream or lotion that has been infused with either THC, CBD, THC-A. The combination of all three is also known as full spectrum. Topicals are usually a product that is applied and used for inflammation and localized pain treatment. They can also be made to be used for other purposes like chapstick, suntan lotion, and lubrication. Clean Green VIP stocks a wide variety of topicals for many different needs. Try one of our incredible creams today and you will be pleased!

Q: What types of topicals are available from Clean Green VIP?

A: You can find topicals ranging from coconut oil to lotion and infused with THC or CBD, or a full spectrum version. Some even have other beneficial herbs added like Arnica. We stock the full line of Flower Botanicals brand topicals. Make sure to browse all the great options available.

Q: How are topicals used?

A: As the term topical suggests, these products are only to be used externally. They are applied directly to the skin of the affected or required area. Each type of topical will be applied to different areas or have slightly different overall effects. You should be able to find an option available for you at CleanGreenVIP for many specific needs.

Q: Why do topicals work?

A: Topicals work because the skin is the biggest most absorbent organ on the body. It will absorb the active ingredients directly through the skin into your bloodstream. Getting the medicine to the affected area the fastest.