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Marijuana strains have been divided into three prominent categories. They include sativa, indica, and
hybrid but also most recently ruderalis has emerged as one of the recognized strain types. At our marketplace, you will see many examples from among the sativa, indica, and hybrid variety. True, pure sativas and indicas have been crossbred over the years and are almost impossible to come across. In response, breeders have been identifying their strains by their appearances and psychoactive effects. As a result, there are typically more classified hybrids that exist today versus Indicas or sativas. To help our consumers we have chosen to include indica dominant hybrids in our indica and hybrid category and sativa dominant strains in the sativa section of our marketplace. To learn more about each strain please visit the corresponding category or read our discussion about them in our blog.

Which marijuana strains do you carry in your Marketplace?

We carry lots of strains to choose from. They are divided into three main categories indica, sativa, and hybrid. Please check back often as we constantly adding new strains to our menu as well as bringing your old favorites back. If you can’t find a strain you love in our inventory please feel free to contact us and we will either get it in stock for you or point you to a strain with similar effects or flavor.

How do I know which strain is for me?

Depending on your reason for ingesting marijuana you might be looking to try a specific strain of cannabis. Please do your own research as different strains can affect each person quite differently. There are general effects one might feel after ingesting a specific type or strain of cannabis. Our team tries our best to deliver accurate information from trusted sources, or our own experience, on the effects you might feel. That information is intended to be used as a general guide and your own experience might be vastly different. If you are new to cannabis we offer a wide variety of mix and match products and variety packs, and we feel that is the best way to try a range of products for yourself and learn what truly appeals to you.

How do I know which strain is strongest?

It’s hard to precisely identify which type of strain is going to produce effects on your body or mind which an individual may consider strong. Usually, people refer to strains strength based on how intoxicated or impaired they feel. Indica strains tend to have effects upon your whole body which many will consider impairing. This is the main reason many people consider indicas to be the most potent strains on the market. Indica strains tend to contain higher levels of THC. Higher levels of THC are also known to cause some negative effects as well, such as paranoia and anxiety. For a novice smoker, we recommend starting with strains that contain less THC. We include THC content that is known from lab tests that have been conducted in the industry. Note that THC level alone is not an indicator of how high you might feel. THC is not the only active ingredient that contributes to one’s high or impairment therefore it can be difficult to predict how each strain will affect an individual. Please use our posted THC levels at your own discretion and try as many strains as you can to really find what works for you.