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Premium Line

On this page, we have put strains that just have that something special about them. Typically these strains have visible mature, trichomes and/or taste and flavor that are out of this world. Usually, our premium line flower is priced higher but keep on the lookout for our well-priced strains that happened to make the cut. Going forward we will be looking to expand our premium line to include other products as well.
Anything that our team here at CleanGreen finds exceptional whether it is concentrates, edibles, topicals, or just more knock-your-socks-off bud, will be included here. Shop this section with confidence as our best products have been gathered here. Check back for more additions and sales.

Which strains do you include in your premium selection?

We try to include indicas, sativas, and hybrids. We will include everything that we deem exceptional after our vigorous trials here at Clean Green. We search far and wide to bring you some of the most sought-after strains on the market today.

Why do most items in your premium selection cost so much?

Exceptional or craft cannabis included in this section is typically priced much higher as the demand for it is high. Also, craft batches tend to be produced in smaller facilities with higher overhead. Not all of the cannabis we pick for our premium selection
is priced higher than average as we decide that certain strains deserved to be showcased because of their unique look or flavor. Check back often as we put many gems in this section that will not break your bank.

How often do you update your premium selection?

When we have new strains available to us, we make a decision whether to include them in our premium selection. Sometimes strains that come in will be sold out before the next crop after examining the next batch we will make the decision on whether to include the current batch in our premium selection. In short, changes in the section occur on an almost weekly basis. As we look to expand the section to include products from other categories the changes will be constant. If you are looking for only the best check back often to find new and exciting products waiting to be tried.