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White Rhino

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Bud Size: Medium-Large
Ratings: (AAAA)
Texture: Orange hair, Tight Buds, Crystal coated
Flavour: Spicy / Sweet / Floral
Medical Usage: Insomnia / Loss of Apetite / Chronic Pain
Effects: Upliftin, Relaxed, Munchies


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White Rhino Strain – Buy cannabis online Canada at Clean Green VIP

White Rhino is a classic indica cut that is revered all over the globe and became one of North America’s favorite. It descends from a cross between White Widow and an unknown indica strain. It is a hybrid strain, as one of its parents is a hybrid itself, but since being crossed with a heavy indica it is a very indica dominant hybrid strain with a high THC content.

This is an extremely flavorful bud that has notes of citrus and pine while giving off an earthy yet sweet scent. It has a very fruity smell and taste with very distinct dank notes. It burns slow and white and fills your lungs with thick and delicious smoke.

Nuggets of this strain are often very dense and look like they are coated in crystal. Large trichomes that cover the buds surfaces give this unique strain a very light green color. White Rhino is known to have a high THC content and gives off a very heady high which works great as a treatment for stress, anxiety or insomnia. This awesome strain used for relaxation and works great to improve appetite.

After consuming this indica heavy hybrid users report getting dry eyes which often contributes to redness. This is a very common side effect. The White Rhino strain has very sedative qualities and is recommended to be consumed in the evening closer to bedtime as you would not want to operate machinery or drive after indulging in vape or smoke of this wonderful and powerful strain.

Our team was excited to add this classic indica dominant hybrid to our menu and share it with you, our customer. This strain is highly recommended by all of us here at Clean Green!


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What is the difference between THC and CBD?

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for White Rhino

  1. Paul

    Was so surprised how fast it hit. Don’t think I’ve ever felt effects so fast before. Super happy I purchased it.

  2. darian.smith

    White Rhino is without a doubt one of the best smokes out there. Beautiful THC caked nugs that leave you with a very euphoric and relaxing high.

  3. Dawn Geyer

    it was good, but i found it a bit sleepy might be great for night smoke!

  4. mickey.hiebert (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain. My favorite of all time actually. Would recommend this product to anyone. I order this strain religiously every month and im never sick of it. I love it.

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